Chess game

Chess game

The geometrical design of the pieces of this chess set was inspire by their symbolism and move on the chessboard.

King height: 9 cm

More details

This set is a handcrafted product, made in our studio at Madrid with natural types of wood, koto and mansonia, whose origin is controlled for compliance with the requirements of sustainable forest.

Its wax finishing offers a nice, pleasant and natural touch.

The king is the most important piece. It is the tallest piece of the set. The head is separated from the rest of the body, by a small groove representing the neck.

The queen stands out from the king by her smaller head and her curves. Her rounded corners indicate her unlimited movement in any direction.

The size of the pawns is in proportion to that of the royal couple. This last piece represents a soldier.

The bishop indicates its diagonal movement with its oblique cut at its top. Depending on the country, this figure symbolizes an elephant, a bishop, a knight or even a court jester.

The knight is similar to pawn with a “L” shape added on its top, which not only represents the horse’s mane but also indicates its particular movement on the board.

The rook can be identified by its battlements, vertical grooves on each side of the piece, indicative of its orthogonal and unlimited movement.