"La Tape"

Suspension lamps

Created for the bar and restaurant "la Tape" with LED bulbs and textile cable.

Lamps Liana, Garabato and Trazos

More details

To communicate the two floors of the bar “La Tape”, we created a particular lamp with hand woven colored textile cable, green and ochre, giving it a volume and a pattern similar to those of lianas.

The suspension lamp shown hangs from the roof of the first floor and is the main decorative element of the premises. Embraced to the beams of the room, it hangs down to an opening in the floor and peeks into the ground floor, inviting the clients to go upstairs.  

For the staircase landing, we realized a second lamp. The narrow, high ceilinged space required a different, lighter piece, organized as a spherical and hollow volume. This new piece is mainly based on a metallic structure recalling calligraphies written in the air, that remembers scribbles frozen in the air.

We used this same system for the third installation. We developed three volumes, smaller and adapted to the height of the more intimate space they decorate, in the ground floor, illuminating three high bar tables.

We chose Led bulbs in all cases, offering the proper atmosphere at every moment of day or night… while always promoting responsible consumption.

We worked together with the owners of the premises, and architect Jacobo Armero, to devise lamps that transmit the unique and sophisticated philosophy of this popular bar located in the Malasaña area, in Madrid, whose new menu highlights remarkable traditionally made products, especially beers.